The best method for getting accurate and timely property information efficiently in front of your eyes

Is by setting up for you a Client Web Portal that has access to the local Real Estate Boards data mill. A personal and confidential Client Web Portal based on your needs and wants is set up for you and intern displays all existing and new properties that the Parry Sound Real Estate Board prospect function found for you. When a new listing matching, you needs and wants is identified the you a notified by email that “Scott Broad has a new listing for you to see.” you can access your tailor made Web Portal to view the new listing(s) then at your convince. To help us succeed in the process I have attached a pdf called “Here Is What You Need to Know About the Parry Sound Real Estate Board Client Web Portal.”

Please take you time a fill out and or edit with details that best reflect you needs and wants and we will do our very best to help make it a reality.

To help us set up a new contact portal here is what we need to Know (Shortcut: Copy the questions and paste into your email and or word doucment)

  1. Are you working with a Realtor:
  2. Full Name:
  3. Must provide phone number(s) along with best time to call or text:
  4. Email address to send properties:
  5. When are you looking to purchase a property?
  6. How long have you been looking for a property?
  7. Have you seen anything you are thinking of buying or wished you had purchased but misted out on? If yes can you share some details?
  8. Minimum and Maximum Listed price range: $ to $
  9. Minimum number of Bedrooms:
  10. Minimum number of bathrooms:
  11. Road and or water access properties:
  12. Waterfront:
  13. Geographic search area:
  14. Please list any other needs or wants that help find a suitable property:

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